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Course Summery

A combination of two modules of basic level course and advance level course in hair dressing, taking the student from basic foundations of hair dressing through to higher and specialist level of intensive hair dressing. This diploma course covers all relevant subjects and techniques such as understanding of hair in general, the hair structure, chemical composition of hair, basic skills such as combing, sectioning, shampooing, blow drying, basic to advanced cuts, basic to advanced styling techniques, basic to advanced chemical jobs of hair including rebonding, smoothening, perming, straightening, and most treatments of hair including spa procedures and deep conditioning of hair and much more.

A combination of two modul es of foundation and advance level in make-up. This course includes all the stages of learning of the exquisite art of using colour cosmetics for make-up, starting with understanding of the need for make-up, the tools and implements employed, various types of make-up starting with self-day make-up, evening make-up, party make-up, engagement make-up, bridal make-up, glamorous make-up, fancy make-up, black & white make- up, special effects make-up, aqua colour mask make-up, bronze make-up and catwalk make-up to name a few, going on to special techniques of eye make-up, application of lip liners and of false eye lashes, preparation of european brides and much more.


◉ Benefits and contraindications of different procedures
◉ Hygiene, health and safety
◉ Product Knowledge
◉ Full client consultation: skin analysis
◉ Skin preparation: cleansing, toning and moisturizing
◉ Colour Theory
◉ Eye liner techniques
◉ Evening Party Makeup
◉ Engagement makeup
◉ Indian Bridal Makeup
◉ Reception makeup
◉ Groom makeup
◉ Corrective makeup


◉ Glamorous makeup
◉ Bronze makeup
◉ European Bridal makeup
◉ Eye makeup techniques
◉ Shimmer makeup
◉ Aqua colour mask make-up
◉ Fx makeup
◉ Commercial makeup


Introduction to hair dressing
◉ Introduction to Trichology
◉ Professional skills, ethics
◉ Safety and hygiene
◉ Maintaining area of work
◉ Client handling and consultation
◉ Hair condition analysis
◉ Benefits and contraindications of different procedures

◉ Hair facts and myths
◉ Hair structure
◉ Parts & layers of hair
◉ Bonds and pigments
◉ Hair type
◉ Hair texture
◉ Hair shape
◉ Hair growth cycle
◉ Hair & scalp disorders
◉ Ph of hair

Shampoo and conditioning
◉ Types of shampoos and conditioners
◉ Usages

Different types of sectioning
◉ Tools
◉ Types of sections
◉ Where and how

Thermal styling- usages of electrical appliances
◉ Styling products , usages and applications
◉ Brush theory
◉ Dryer
● blow drying on different angles
● blow waving
◉ Hot rollers
◉ Tong
◉ Iron
◉ Crimper

Henna application
Mixing and methods
● for grey coverage
● for conditioning

Head massage
◉ Benefits
◉ Different types of oils
◉ Massage steps
◉ Procedure

Deep conditioning and SPA
◉ Benefits
◉ Difference between deep conditioning and SPA
◉ Massage steps
◉ Procedure

Trolley settings
◉ For hair cuts
◉ For head massage and deep conditioning
◉ For hair styling
◉ For chemical procedures

Hair cutting
◉ Cutting theory
◉ Cuts -
● straight
● ‘u’
● ‘v’
● forward graduation
● blunt
● scissor over comb
● classic gents cut

◉ Crown management-
◉ Partings
◉ Twisting
◉ Matting
◉ Different types of puff

◉ Single strand
◉ Double strand
◉ Triple strand
◉ 4strand
◉ 5 strand
◉ French braid
◉ Fish braid
◉ Side French
◉ Rope

◉ Single bun
◉ Low bun
◉ High bun
◉ Apple bun
◉ French bun
◉ French roll
◉ Multiple rolls
◉ Techniques of back combing


Chemicals and contraindications
◉ Uses of chemicals
◉ How they work
◉ Precautions to be taken
◉ Contraindications

Art and science of hair coloring
◉ Color theory
◉ Coloring techniques and procedures
◉ Global colour techniques
◉ Grey coverage techniques
◉ Highlighting theory and procedure
◉ Frosting cap

◉ Graduated layers
◉ Reverse graduation
◉ Sleek cut
◉ Blended elevation
◉ Wedge
◉ Inverted wedge
◉ Graduated bob
◉ Crew cut

◉ Perm theory
◉ Different winding techniques and tools
◉ Stages
◉ Procedures

◉ Theory and chemistry
◉ Differences
◉ Techniques and applications
◉ Stages
◉ Procedure


◉ Hair fall treatment
◉ Hair breakage treatment
◉ Dandruff treatment

◉ Uses of extensions and stuffing’s
◉ Bridal bun
◉ Bow
◉ Moon roll
◉ Soft curls
◉ Cascade
◉ Miss India rolls
◉ Ramp styles
◉ Hair sculpting
◉ Interlocks
◉ Flora fountain,
◉ Basket bun,
◉ Front puff,
◉ Jura choti,
◉ Butterfly
◉ Double French knot.

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  • Duaration : 1000 Hours
  • Leactures : 25
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