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India is at the forefront of a ‘demographic dividend’, it is essential for the country to capitalize on the advantage of a young workforce through developing a skilled manpower base.

The young people create the biggest part of the global demography. 43 percent of the world’s population is of people under the age of 25. 90% of them live in poor and developing countries. This part of population will obviously live longer, with the impact of decisions and actions taken at present. India is one of the youngest nations, with 54percent of the population below the age of 25, and 62 percent of the population in the working age group.
90 percent of employment opportunities entail vocational skills, but the youth who are out of school hardly has practical experience. Accessibility of marginalized groups to training needs to be ensured. An involvement of corporate sector with the CSR initiative is the key to implementing and complementing government’s action.
We specifically execute a set of CSR programme aimed at creating national impact in improving the quality of life of the communities we serve. We keep disadvantage communities as the focus. Our CSR revolves around skilling the manpower of the nation. Our mission is to maintain the quality and sustainability of the skill development mission.
A mobile repairing workshop aimed at empowering the workforce was organized, wherein tabs were distributed to all the students. This is an attempt to help students upgrade their skills, and make them responsible and self-sufficient. We ensure effective transfer of knowledge and skill to the next generations.
Besides this, short projects were initiated. In 2019, ration was distributed to the underprivileged and the workers, in one of the slum areas of Pune. Some CSRs have been organized to protect the environment, such as tree plantation at Khadak Wasla dam, and support to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.
Our skill development efforts reach out to capability-deprived youths and create positive impact sustainability across communities. Now we are aiming at recognizing futuristic skill areas, such as technological advancement. We are making endeavors to minimize the skill divide by ensuring that the professionals transfer knowledge and skills to the next generation.